Bricks for Hope at the City of Hope
Kyle spent much of his time at the City of Hope, where caring
doctors and nurses fought to cure him. Hence, it is fitting that we
support this organization, especially their attempts to find a cure for
cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

The Center for Biomedicine and Genetics at the City of Hope is
recognized as a leader in cancer research and in developing new
methods of drug treatments for many life-threatening diseases. In an
attempt to raise money for this organization and help honor those
who have courageously fought with cancer, the City of Hope has set
aside a patio at the main entrance of the CBG building paved with
bricks, which are inscribed by supporters in honor of their loved
ones. Kyle's uncles felt that acquiring a brick in honor of Kyle would
be the perfect opportunity to help in fighting these deadly diseases
while paying tribute to Kyle's courageous battle. Above is a picture
of Kyle's brick.

More information on the Bricks for Hope program